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From the Library: Articles on 'Trawler' Haynet
Your Horse - Issue 306: 22nd February - 26th March 2008
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'Trawler' Haynet

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RSP inc. VAT £22.08
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Sizes: 80mm Holes - Big Round Net

Colours: North Sea Fishing Net Green

Very strong
UVA resistant
Ammonia resistant
Fixed knot construction
Small 80mm holes
Secure tie up ring
Further Information
Forget the cheap copies- this is the original Trawler haynet, made from long lasting durable net as used by North Sea fishermen. Fixed knot construction eliminates wear and tear during pulling. Infra red treated and UVA resistant to reduce brittleness when exposed to daylight. Resistant to ammonia. Without metal draw string rings which can pose a danger- the net is so strong these are not needed. Complete with secure tie up ring and robust draw string. Small holes to reduce wastage.
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"I use your Trawler haynets as I find they are the only ones, to date, that can withstand a greedy haffy!"
Hannah Fleetwood, Nottinghamshire

"IV Horse Haynets are excellent - I use the Trawler nets for travelling. They are very durable and the plastic rings at the bottom are excellent to make sure they hang up well. Also, the strings are long enough which with other brands is often a problem if you want to fill the nets up full."
Louise Symons, Hexham

"This is the strongest and longest lasting hay net I have used to date by far. The two I am using at the moment are used every day and I bought them over two years ago. Highly recommended."
Francine Purcell, England

"Definately the best haylage net on the market. I have had my two for almost three years now and still as good as new."
Francine Purcell, Manchester

"I have had two of these nets for the past four years and they are still going strong. Best haynets ever!"
Francine Purcell, Stockport
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