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From the Library: Articles on Tangle Buster Trigger Spray
IV Horse Info Sheet - 1st October, 2006
Horse and Rider - July 2006
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Tangle Buster Trigger Spray

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RSP inc. VAT £10.00
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Sizes: 500ml

perfect detangling for ringlets
leaves manes & tails in perfect groomed condition
Further Information
When you've gone beyond the realms of normal detangling, call on Tangle Buster!

A mega detangler for dredlocks and ringlets. Teases out tangles easily and lasts for weeks, minising hair breakage and loss. Gives a long-lasting, oil-free shine.
User Opinions (5)
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"Tangle Buster is great as my mare has an extremely thick tail that tends to form dreadlocks but a few sqooshes of this and it combs through easily."
Nicola Enright, Bellshill

"Mane & Tail Detangler & Tangle Buster - I have 5 horses including a mini Shetland with a long mane and a huge baby cob with a long mane and extremely thick tail. This stuff is fab, not only does it smell nice it keeps their manes & tails under control for days which is important especially in the showing season. I have found that it cuts down on my grooming time which is important with 5 of them!"
Emma Glacken, East Lothian

"I have used your Plaiting Gel and Tangle Buster - my mare's mane is quite silky and unmanageable, this tames the mane and the consistency is just right. It doesn't leave the mane looking like I've put loads of gel on!! I also like the smell of the gel."
Kim Atkinson, Peterborough

"Fly Repellent - Very good. Long lasting and easy to use. "
Annette Perry, Peterborough

"This is fantastic. Not only does it get through the long heavy tails of my two cobs, it also get the burs out of their manes and top knots. It smells nice, lasts well, helps to keep the tails smooth and shiny and stops them turning to dreadlocks. BUT... it also gets the tangles out of my hair after a bundle through the forest. Great product - now I've found it don't stop making it please."
Sue Garrod, Woodbridge
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Try this product with our Plait Perfect Plaiting Gel for a great combination... Just £16.95 combined at RSP inc. VAT!
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