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Dermalogic Coat and Skin Conditioner
LP032 : RSP £8.95
Sizes: 500ml
Designed with easy grooming in mind, providing lustre and body to all coats. Feeds both the skin and...
Dermalogic 4 in 1 Antiseptic Gel with fly protection
LP006 : RSP £8.95
Sizes: 250gm
A unique soothing antiseptic four-in-one formula,combines fly repellent with the natural healing pro...
Dermalogic Tea Tree Body Mist
LP036 : RSP £9.95
Sizes: 500ml
Contains a natural blend of Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile and Aloe Vera to safeguard your horses skin! ...
Dermalogic Arnica Gel
LP037 : RSP £7.95
Sizes: 250ml
Easy to apply and long-lasting. The healing properties or arnica are combined with a natural blend o...
Dermalogic Multi-Wash
LP042 : RSP £5.95
Sizes: 500ml
Utilising the natural detergent properties of cetrimide, natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal Tea ...
Dermalogic MFP Mud Barrier and Leg Guard Pour On
LP041 : RSP £7.95
Sizes: 500ml
Part of the Dermologic range. Easily applied, MFP contains Tea Tree Oil and helps to create an immed...
Dermalogic MFP Mud Barrier and Leg Guard (Spray)
LP040 : RSP £7.95
Sizes: 500ml
Easily applied, MFP contains Tea Tree Oil that helps to create an immediate and complete protective ...

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