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Lorenzini Bits Beat Competition to Award
Posted on September 26 2012 at 11:12
Italian titanium bit wins prestigious prize

Lorenzini, manufacturers of the Lorenzini range of bits and stirrups, has been selected as the winner of the ‘Titanium Applications Development Award 2012’ by the International Titanium Association.

Lorenzini’s unique horse bit design was awarded the prestigious prize for its highly technical and innovative design and application, demonstrating significant achievement towards improving and expanding the use of titanium.

The company beat off competition from innovative medical equipment, gas-turbine engine coatings, and military weapon design, amongst other nominations, to land the award.

Researched and manufactured by Lorenzini Titanio in Italy and exclusively distributed in the UK by IV Horse, this range of specialised bits and stirrups has been developed with the horse’s care and performance in mind.

In a PR Newswire article, Stephen Bradley, a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team, said the titanium bits were ‘beneficial on quite a few of my young horses that get strong in the jaw. This bit relaxed their jaws and they stayed focused. Compared with traditional bits, the lightness and negative ions (of the titanium bit) made a difference in performance.’

Medical use titanium, as used in Lorenzini bits, is strong, light, biocompatible and non-magnetic. It is resistant to corrosion and damage and has a low heat conductivity and stunning style.

It is very strong, being more resistant than like-for-like steel, yet 40% lighter. The strength and lightness make it a perfect choice for bits and general equestrian needs too, where strength and lightness are a priority. It is more pleasant for the horse to work with a lightweight bit over one made from heavier or coarser metals.

Furthermore, titanium–thanks to its strength and highly technical construction–it does not deform or degrade during use and will last a lifetime under normal usage.

One unique and important aspect of Lorenzini titanium bits is biocompatibility. Titanium is extremely well accepted and tolerated by living organisms and tissues, including tissues of the human body and all mammals. This biocompatibility prevents any risk of rejection during long-term usage.

Find out more on the Lorenzini range and buy from online stockists or find a local stockist.

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