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Horse Tried and Tested: Leather Girths
Tried and Tested: Horse Magazine  March 2012
IV Horse Leather Atherstone Girth

Shaped, padded leather girth, with roller buckle fittings. An elasticated version is available.

Kathryn Langham says: I liked the look and substantial feel of this girth immediately–even new, the leather was supple.

It fits perfectly. I've had issues with my horse when tightening the firth, but she is fine with this one.

This is the first non-elasticated girth I've used and my mare seems to prefer it to the others–it doesn't pinch when I'm doing it up and she doesn't sweat under it. The rollers on the buckles make it easy to use. I feel like my mare moves more freely in this girth and there are no signs of rubbing.

It looks like new after cleaning–mud comes off with ease and there is no hair to remove. My favourite features are the soft leather and contoured shape–the girth looks great and fits my horse well.

I would happily recommend this product–it is high quality, durable and reasonably priced. I can't fault it.

Score: 5 stars out of 5

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