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Flying the Flag: Reasons to Buy British
Feature: Equestrian Trade News  August 2012
IV Horse has been manufacturing in the UK since 1996 and has a factory in West Yorkshire, amongst several other UK locations.

'As demand for good quality UK products continues to grow, and to ensure our products meet the high quality our brand users demand, our products are produced individually by hand–although we do have some cutting edge technology too to help the process' says James Kontargyris of IV Horse.

'Our UKOK! initiative represents this ethos across an eclectic range of products.'

Indeed, the patriotic label is associated with products that are made in the UK by teams of craftsmen/women using locally sourced raw materials. 'It's actively sought after by partner companies and brands we work with,' added James who goes on to highlight some tangible benefits of British manufactured equestrian goods:

Choice: IV Horse offers a huge range of colourways, bindings, fabrics, style, cut and embroidery combinations, with options at various quality levels and price points that would be impossible to achieve with overseas contract manufacture.

Short lead times: days rather than weeks or months, even for specialist or unique orders.

Flexibility: retailers can order ahead and/or react to customers' immediate demands.

Quality: the focus is on quality control, from selection of raw materials to manufacture and packaging.

Bespoke: As shown in our photograph, additional extras such as embroidery can be carried out during the manufacturing process for a neat finish, rather than added as an after-thought.

Price: competitive price points enable retailers to achieve good profit margins, while minimising returns and refunds.

Reducing the carbon footprint: local employees using locally sourced raw materials have a positive effect on the environment. The knock-on effect is support for the local and wider UK economy too.

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