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The IV Horse Super Pro Bitless Bridle
IV Horse: IV Horse Info Sheet  15th May, 2006
The use of a bit can cause damage to some horses who have more delicate and sensitive tissues in their mouth This can cause the horse to suffer pain or become frightened in the short term and to suffer permanent damage in the long term. The IV Horse Bitless Bridle eliminates these problems whilst simultaneously improving your horse’s health and performance.


The retraction of the tongue combined with poll flexion that occurs with bitted bridles can result in some horses suffering unhealthy breathing patterns and an unnatural head and neck position. The Bitless Bridle, with its double-loop structure, controls by unpainful pressure, allowing the horse’s neck and head to be positioned naturally without pain. A lack of obstructions for the horse’s tongue also ensures better oxygen flow.

An increase in oxygen increases energy, allowing the horse to be more responsive in training sessions without the distraction of mouth pain. As the bit and its positioning
causes some horses to start salivating and chewing (initiating digestive system
responses), concentration is lost as the horse attempts to exercise and ‘eat’ at the same time. The lack of a bit ensures total concentration from the horse to the level of other horses more comfortable with a bit.

How is the IV Horse Bitless Bridle correctly positioned?

The Bitless Bridle should be fitted as a normal bridle would be, however the noseband should be fitted like a drop noseband.

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