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The IV Horse Super Pro Treeless Saddle
IV Horse: IV Horse Info Sheet  3rd August, 2006
The IV Horse treeless saddle is designed with comfort in mind for both horse and rider by replicating the effect of riding bareback,
whilst offering security for riders who prefer the comfortable 'feel' of a saddle
underneath them. It is important that the rider is well balanced when using a
treeless saddle and is not under horsed.
The construction of the IV Horse treeless saddle includes a fibreglass pommel and cantle insert, with synthetic seat and flaps. It is important to note that a treeless saddle is not a cure all for any type or shape of horse and as with tree saddles, not all treeless saddles fit all horses. They
can, however, be especially useful for difficult to fit horses, or horses with a fluctuating shape.

Some horses may need a breastplate to help the position of the saddle, especially the barrel kind!

The rider will find that the saddle naturally puts them in a position similar to riding bareback and helps with a more natural position, as the stirrup 'bars' are a little further back than on conventional saddles. The saddle should be used with a good quality saddle pad and care should be taking with the position of the saddle on the horses back- Not too far forward, or too far back. Care should also be taken not to over tighten the girth. This will certainly make the horse uncomfortable and will not make up for a poorly balanced rider. After a period of
use, the saddle will begin to adopt the natural shape of the horse. N.B. The stirrup 'bars' are not bent and welded steel wire, but are in fact cast steel to ensure strength. We will be shortly providing tensile strength test information for your reference and will eventually include this information on the ticketing.

Although the saddle is not specifically designed for jumping, it can be used in such circumstances, however attention must be given to previous points that the rider must be balanced and not under horsed.

A mounting block should be used to mount up and stirrup length should be selected first by relaxing the legs and then bringing the toes up to the most comfortable position with stirrup leathers then set accordingly. The rider will find that they will naturally ride a little longer with this arrangement, leading to a more natural and relaxed position. As for the horse, after a period of time the saddle's initial comfort will continue to increase as it begins to
mould in shape to both horse and rider.

The IV Horse treeless saddle can be a good economical choice if the rider has a number of horses with differing proportions. It can also help with horses who have a sensitive back, helping the rider stay in balance and in harmony with the natural movement and flexing of the horse in gait.

The rider will naturally feel more in tune with the horse, as a closer contact is achieved.
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